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What Needs to be Done, Today, to Maximize Production, Tomorrow?

“Return to Production” Management

See which wells need help, who is responsible for action and what are immediate next steps

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Well Care Framework

Ask and answer the right questions to provide an excellent response to well failures and under-performance

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Well Surveillance & Intervention Management System

Increase organizational alignment and commitment to reducing well downtime

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ABOUT THE WELLCAREINSIGHT WEBSITE is the place to come to find products and services to help you get the most from your producing wells – the wells paying the bills. Click on the Services tab to learn more about how we can help your organization reduce well downtime.

More than just a place to find our products and services, we hope you will visit our online community often to read thought provoking ideas on well care process improvement, see and share the latest producing well related news and participate in and review well care practice research.


Current Industry Challenges in Production Operations

Continuous improvement mindset and behaviors need to be more wide-spread.

A common understanding of what needs to be done, today and why is lacking.

Limited operations and engineering staff is challenged with growing well counts and the expectation is to do more with existing staff.

Targets and deadlines can be missed due to lack of process visibility and control, especially around lease hold.

Tracking well progress during the intervention process is lacking resulting in incomplete hand-offs,delaying wells return to production.

Work processes are not standardized, managed or documented causing inefficiencies and data is disjointed.

Lengthy  meetings from hell  are the norm when updating management on well progress and status due to numerous data sources.

Tracking and measurement of who did what, when and why is inadequate which clouds improvements

There is difficulty leveraging knowledge and best practices broadly across the organization.

The “State of Affairs” in well operations is contained in numerous spreadsheets and in the hands of only a few engineers reducing visibility and use by all.

Knowledge management practices are challenged to prevent loss of “best practices” as staff “turns over”.

Limited operations and engineering staff struggle to keep up with growing well counts.

Inability to track “down wells” progress during the intervention process results in incomplete handoffs and delays in being returned to production.

Preventing loss of “best practices” as staff “turns over” is a continuing knowledge management challenge.

It is difficult to leverage knowledge and best practices broadly across the organization.

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